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Perscribed Burns

The Superior National Forest plans on conducting prescribed burns between September 8 and October 20, 2004. Preparations are complete for a total of approximately 28,000 acres. The size of prescribed burns varies between five and 3,000 acres. Many, but not all, of these prescribed burns are in areas affected by the 1999 wind storm. Some of the planned prescribed burns are inside the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

The timing of specific prescribed burns and the total acres completed this fall will depend on weather and fuel conditions. As conditions become favorable for a particular unit, potentially affected businesses, homeowners, and individuals will be notified prior to burning.

Any closure of entry points or portages that may affect visitors’ travel plans will be posted. Public safety personnel will be present on each prescribed burn to reroute travelers and/or escort them through areas affected by the burn that may pose a safety hazard. For entry points that may be closed for the duration of a burn, visitors will be notified and alternate routes will be provided, if possible. Visitor and local residents should expect to see varying amounts of smoke and personnel associated with these burns. The larger burns will produce more smoke and require more personnel.


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